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Internet Addiction


Internet addiction is recognized and included in DSM 5 of classification system of psychiatric disorders. Now internet is integral part of daily life for most of people. With easy availability and unrestricted access incidence of internet addiction is increasing. Mainly teenagers and young adults are falling in this trap. Not all internet use is problematic but excessive and compulsive use leading to impairment and distress definitely needs treatment.

Some important signs and symptoms of internet or gadget addiction

  • A preoccupation with gaming, internet use or texting or chatting
  • Trying to reduce use but inability to do so and Guilt feeing associate with it
  • Lying or hiding use of internet or gadget
  • Neglecting time limit or inability to follow time limit of internet or gadget
  • Loss of interest in other activities and neglecting them
  • Social withdrawal from family and friends leading to social impairment
  • Problem of restlessness, anxiety, irritation, depression, anger while trying to decrease or reduce use (Psychological withdrawal)
  • Using internet or games as an escape from reality
  • Continuing to use of internet or gadget even after noticeable problems like arguments with family, lying, poor achievement / performance at school or job, social isolation, physical problems and fatigue

Mainly internet addiction involves

  • Excessive Gaming
  • Cyber sex addiction
  • Excessive use of social media
  • Other categories like excess surfing, gambling, sex chatting watching online videos etc
  • Assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Guiding parents and relatives how to deal with patients
  • Counseling services
  • Group activities