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Sexual Health Doctor (Sexpert)

Sex is a biological and psychological need of every human and it should be one of the most pleasurable experiences for individual. Due to different issues like stress, lack of sex education, fear, stigma or sometimes due to some physical problems person is unable to enjoy intimacy. Most of the people experience one or more problems in sex at sometime in life. Due to stigma and fear of embarrassment, the problems and questions remains unanswered. Some of the misconception about masturbation leads to fear and ruins the sex life of a person. The problem may be at the first sexual encounter or noticed later on in life. Due to increasing stresses and irregular lifestyle many young couple are facing such problems. With advancing age most of middle age people are unable to adjust with changes due to aging and face many sexual problems.
As losing one's potency or problems in sex is one of the most feared thing for any individual, sometimes they get harassed or exploited financially and physically. Our aim is to provide affordable and rational treatment for everyone. It is aim of the treatment that each individual should be able to enjoy sex at it max. Men should be able to have stronger erection for satisfactory time, and for women to overcome sexual nervousness and enjoy true full body orgasms.
Most of the problems are treatable with proper sexual education, simple tips and if required medications. Premarital counselling plays an important part in prevention of sexual problems in later life. Some simple tips can save a lifetime pain or fear. Proper sex education can resolve many issues. If the problem is started it can be managed with help of Cognitive therapy (CT), behavioural therapy (BT) or combination of both (CBT), some exercises and specific modification in diet. Some techniques can resolve few problems. Medications can be used if required. It is always best to use combination of the treatment options.
You can consult Dr Jaideep Patil on any day 6pm to 9 pm at New Sangvi, Pune.

  • Premature Ejaculation – inability to maintain erection for sufficient time
  • Impotence ( Erectile Dysfunction) – inability to get proper errection
  • Loss of erection while penetration
  • Lack of Information on Sexual Matters – how to .., When to .. , is it normal..
  • Physical problems – small size, bent or curved penis, phymosis (problems of foreskin over penis)
  • Painful Intercourse, Fear of sex, vaginismus (involuntarily tightening of vaginal muscles causing pain and preventing entry of penis)
  • Lack of or decreased Desire for sex
  • Increased sexual desire or preoccupation with thoughts of sex
  • Addiction to porn (videos, books) and excessive masturbation
  • Cyber sex addiction
  • inability to get or delayed Orgasm (Climax)
  • Gender Issues (issues about Homosexuality, Gender identity disorder)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases